All booking is made through this site, you need to register all riders that you wish to book for.

As we only have a limited number of horses and ponies and they can only do a certain amount of work, if a time is unavailable to you it is because we are already fully booked. 

To ensure that riders are able to access the correct groups according to ability, you will in the first instance need to book a private lesson. The instructor will then be able to grade the rider and you can discuss with them appropriate sessions going forward. 

4 years old and above.

We can accommodate riders up to 14stone

We have hats that you can borrow if you don't have a hat, if you bring your own it must conform to the current safety standards.

No, you will not be allowed to ride in trainers. You must wear boots with a small heel, wellingtons are also acceptable

Please dress appropriately for the weather. We strongly recommend long trousers, leggings or jogging bottoms are most comfortable if you don't have jodhpurs.